Our Difference; What We Offer


Our good relations with raw material suppliers, packaging producers and shipping lines help us to serve you much quicker than many of our competitors. Hence, giving the fastest service possible for your bulk or retail needs.



With over 45 years of experience in dried fruit sector, we are prepared to offer you the best guidance and help even in the most challenging situations. Whether this is our views on the market, new poduct development or technical issues, our team will be happy to assist you in the right direction.



We are guided by the principle that it’s better to lose money than to lose trust. The inviolability of what we promise, faith in the value of our products and our word have always been more important than a quick profit.




Various Pack Formats

Vertical packing

Anatolia has the capability to pack in many different pack formats on vertical machies, such is pillow packs, block bottom packs, stabilo packs and gussetted packs.


On 3 separte flow wrapping lines, the packing formats are almost endless. Just let us know your preferance and we will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Various pack formats

With the addtion of a Doy Pack line, we are now fully equipped to handle almost any requirement in terms of pack formats.

Process Lines

Raisins / Sultanas

Raisins and Sultanas received from farmers are usually different in size and colour. After classifying carefully they are scaled and washed with fresh water. With the help of latest technology available, impurities such as stalks, stems and stones are eliminated by laser scanners as well as X-Ray sorters. Several checks are carried out at critical points during the course of production. The product is then further inspected, every shipment is prepared to meet customers specification and satisfaction. Since the quality is an essential ingredient in contemporary food industry, our technical team do their utmost to meet the highest standard of hygiene and process control. In addition to our regular controls, our facilities are audited annually by our principal customers.



Beside the sultanas Anatolia is also processor and packer for Malatya Apricots both sulphered and non-sulphered (natural).

At the same site in a separate building we also have the capacity to process 4000 tonnes of dried apricots every year.

We have recently invested in new machinery on our apricot plant to improve our final product quality. Products now go through an X-ray detector, camera sorter, laser sorter as well as a sensitive metal detector and illuminated selection belts.

Apricots can come in different forms such as re-hyrated/blached, chopped or as is.


Other Services


Apart from hadling raw materials Anatolia is also happy to carry out re-cleaning services on processed goods such as Dates from Iran, which do not meet the end customers expectations in terms of quality. Our up to date facilities not only bring more value into your product, but saves time when it arrives at the destinantion being higher quality.

Product Mixes

If time is precious for you, let us take care of the extra work, such as product mixes. We supply many companies with already mixed dried fruits saving them valuable time!


  • What's New?

    • Doy packs

      We are constantly improving our packing lines, adding new pack types. Doy pack style is our latest addition to our wide selection.

    • Improved x-ray

      A new state of the art x-ray machine is now commisioned on our Sultana washing line in line with our commitment to constantly imrove product quality.

    • Big Box

      We are investing in better ways of keeping our raw metrials which decreases foreign bodies, increases our efficiency, saving valuable time, so that we can do more for you!

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